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Extreme Weather Videos/Tornado Videos

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Random extreme weather videos of mine both current, and from years past will be posted here! Be sure to check back as new videos will be added often! Only a small percentage of my videos are posted here on this page, to view all of my videos please visit, and subscribe to my official YouTube Channel via the widget above.

Storm Chase 2019 Highlights - Tornado Alley
TRT: 19:25

Hurricane Florence Eye Wall & Transformer Explosions - Wilmington NC 9.14.2018
TRT: 3:33

Queens, NY Severe Thunderstorms & Wall Cloud August 7th, 2018
TRT: 4:01

VERY Large Hail & Vehicle Damage Near Saugerties, NY 5.15.2018
TRT: 5:56

Hurricane Irma 2017 - From Beginning To End (Punta Gorda - Ft Myers, FL)
TRT: 7:55

Hurricane Matthew Batters The Florida Coast - October 6th/7th, 2016
TRT: 4:44

Multiple Tornadoes & Vivid Lightning Storm - Leoti, KS 5.21.2016
TRT: 3:44

Lightning Storm & VERY Rare "Red Sprites" Surrounded By Starry Skies
TRT: 1:41

Incredible Lightning Storm Surrounded By Brilliant Stars! - Salina, KS 5/25/2016
TRT: 1:45

VIVID RED SPRITE BURST - Supercell Lightning Storm 5/16/2016
TRT: 0:38

Blizzard Of 2016 - New Jersey Coast / Manhattan, NYC / Queens NYC 1.23.2016
TRT: 2:39

Live News 4 NY Interview w/Janice Huff on the upcoming winter, the potential impacts of a strong El Nino, the 2015 hurricane season, and my latest storm chases - November 12th, 2015
TRT: 5:40

Lightning / Storm Chasing In A Plane - Miami, FL Thunderstorms 2015
TRT: 9:50

Thunderstorms - Clouds/Sunrise & Sunset Timelapses (4K!) - Florida 2015
TRT: 1:32

NYC Thunderstorm Timelapse (Skyline/RFK Triboro Bridge/Hells Gate) 7.30.2015
TRT: 0:51

Lightning Storm: Timelapse May 2015
TRT: 0:22

Multiple Tornadoes Near Canadian, TX- May 27th, 2015
TRT: 6:01

Supercell Thunderstorm Timelapse- Flagler, CO May 22nd, 2015
TRT: 0:47

Major Snowstorm NYC March 5th, 2015 (Heavy Snow Timelapse Sequence)
TRT: 0:53

RARE East River Ice Flow | Ice Jam- Brooklyn Bridge NYC 2.24.2015
TRT: 1:29

RARE NYC Rivers Ice Flow 2015 (Hudson River/East River Ice Jam)
TRT: 1:45

Live Interview W/Janice Huff About The Extreme Cold, And My New England Blizzard Chase- Feb 17th, 2015
TRT: 6:00

New England Blizzard - Whiteout Conditions Plymouth, MA 2-15-2015
TRT: 2:28

Blizzard Of 2015 (Winter Storm Juno)- Suffolk County, LI | Queens Jan 26th/27th
TRT: 3:28

NYC Snow Storm (Pre-Dawn) 4K Timelapse 1-24-2015
TRT: 0:42

Lake Effect Snow Storm | Blizzard Video - Watertown, NY - 4 To 5 Foot Accumulations! 1.10.2015
TRT: 3:19

Lake Effect Snow Storm- Blizzard Aftermath (4 TO 5 FEET!) Adams/Watertown, NY 1.11.2015
TRT: 1:30

Strong Thunderstorms & Cloud To Ground Lightning (Queens, NYC) September 6th, 2014
TRT: 2:34

NYC Severe Thunderstorms & Lightning- Gantry Plaza, LIC August 31st, 2014
TRT: 2:24

Thunderstorm Timelapses & Lightning- Fort Lauderdale, FL July 2014
TRT: 2:34

Severe Thunderstorms | Lightning | Timelapse- Queens, NY July 2nd, 2014
TRT: 3:03

June 11th, 2014: News 4 New York @ 7pm- Live Interview with Janice Huff about my recent 3 week storm chasing trip in Tornado Alley!
TRT: 5:23

Tornado Alley Timelapses - Supercell Thunderstorms May/June 2014
TRT: 1:44

Hail Storm - Scottsbluff, NE & Bennett, CO May 2014
TRT: 1:51

Large Hail & Close Lightning Strikes- Sterling City, TX May 26th, 2014
TRT: 3:33

Ice Storm (Queens, NYC) February 5th, 2014 Winter Storm "Nika"
TRT: 3:11

NYC Snow Storm - February 3rd, 2014 Winter Storm "Maximus"
TRT: 4:02

Major Snow Storm- NYC Manhattan & Queens January 21st, 2014 "Janus"
TRT: 3:03

Snow Storm Timelapse - Queens, NYC January 21st, 2014
TRT: 0:31

Jan 7th, 2014: News 4 New York @ 7pm- Live Interview with Janice Huff about the record cold temperatures & recent snow storm here in NYC
TRT: 4:05

Major Snow Storm / Blizzard- Queens, NYC January 2nd, 2014 "Hercules"
TRT: 2:19

Snow Storm Timelapse- (Queens, NYC & Carlisle, PA) December 14th/15th, 2013
TRT: 1:28

Ice Storm Aftermath- Bloomsbury, NJ December 15th, 2013 Noreaster Winter Storm
TRT: 2:15

NYC Strong Thunderstorm & Lightning- Rockaway Beach, Queens July 20th, 2013
TRT: 3:44

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

News 4 New York @ 7pm- Live Interview with Janice Huff about my latest storm chase trip to Tornado Alley!
TRT: 5:19

Rozel/Larned, KS Tornado At Sunset- May 18th, 2013
TRT: 3:30

EF4 Violent Tornado- Bennington, KS 5.28.2013
TRT: 5:33

EF5 Tornado El Reno, OK May 31st, 2013
TRT: 3:34

NYC Thunderstorm | Cloud to Cloud Lightning- 4.10.13 (Queens)
TRT: 4:17

Hurricane Katrina - A Storm Chaser's Story (Full Length DVD 2005)
TRT: 54:23

Blizzard Of 2013 NYC- Timelapse 36 hours in 2 minutes 2.8.13 - 2.9.13
TRT: 2:32

Blizzard Of 2013 (Nemo) Aftermath- Suffolk County, LI 2.9.13
TRT: 3:27

Major Winter Storm Nemo | Blizzard Of 2013- NYC 2.8.13
TRT: 3:44

Rolling Thunder: "True Storm Chasing Stories"- Hurricane Sandy NYC
TRT: 17:37

Rolling Thunder: "True Storm Chasing Stories"- Guthrie, TX Supercell & Hail
TRT: 7:48

Hurricane Sandy- Rockaway Beach, NY Preps Oct 28th, 2012
TRT: 3:45

Hurricane Sandy- Bayside, Rockaway Beach, Howard Beach NY 10.29.12
TRT: 10:28

Rolling Thunder: "True Storm Chasing Stories"- Piedmont, OK Supercell & Hail 2012
TRT: 10:28

Queens NYC Flash Flooding | Tornado Warned Storm- 9.8.12
TRT: 2:46

Rolling Thunder: Season One, Episode Five- "La Crosse, KS Tornadoes 2012"
TRT: 11:06

Queens, NY Flash Flooding & Severe Thunderstorms- 8.15.12
TRT: 2:32

NYC Severe Storms (Derecho) Timelapse 7.26.12
TRT: 3:36

NYC Thunderstorms & Amazing Shelf Cloud Over RFK Bridge 7.26.12
TRT: 2:10

NYC (Queens, NY) Severe Thunderstorms July 18th, 2012
TRT: 4:20

NYC Thunderstorms (Timelapse Sequence)- June 25th, 2012
TRT: 1:12

Strong Thunderstorm Close Lightning Queens NYC | Long Island 6.25.12
TRT: 2:16

NYC Severe Thunderstorm- June 22nd, 2012 (Queens County)
TRT: 2:47

Intense RFD Blast & Hail Barrage- Guthrie, TX May 30th, 2012
TRT: 2:00

Quarter/Golfball/Baseball/Softball Hail- Piedmont/Tuttle, OK May 29th, 2012
TRT: 4:43

La Crosse, KS Tornadoes- May 25th, 2012
TRT: 4:12

NYC Dawn Strong Thunderstorms | Cloud To Ground Lightning- May 4th, 2012
TRT: 1:43

Rolling Thunder: Season One, Episode Four- "Tornado Chase 2012 Preps"
TRT: 8:21

Rolling Thunder: Season One, Episode Three- "The Hail Guards"
TRT: 8:51

Rolling Thunder: Season One, Episode Two- "Hurricane Irene- Long Island Land Fall"
TRT: 11:25

Rolling Thunder: Season One, Episode One- "Hurricane Katrina"
TRT: 5:52

Snow Storm | Blizzard Highlights 2003-2011 NYC
TRT: 11:18

Hurricanes! (1999-2011 Hurricane Highlights) [HD]
TRT: 12:43

"Severe Weather In The Tri-State" NBC NY Severe Weather Preparedness Special (Air Date 11.26.11)
TRT: 8:00

12 Years Of Tornado Chasing (Tornado Video Highlights 1999-2011) [HD]
TRT: 17:25

NYC Halloween Weekend Historic Snow Storm- October 29th, 2011 [HD]
TRT: 4:01

Passaic River Flooding Little Falls, NJ | Wayne, NJ- September 9th, 2011 [HD]
TRT: 3:11

Ada, OK Tornado Video- May 21st, 2011 [HD]
TRT: 2:15

Fairview, OK Tornado Video- May 24th, 2011 [HD]
TRT: 1:45

Middle Village/Rego Park, NY 125mph Downburst/Tornado 9.16.10 [HD]
TRT: 6:03

Major Hail Storm- Oklahoma City Metro (Forest Park, OK): May 16th, 2010 [HD]
TRT: 4:04

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